Liberian Girls Rock

What We Do

As a community; we should work together just to ensure that the children don’t die because of hunger.

There are various steps which can be taken to fight hunger in Africa. One of them is taking care of each other and those who are not able to provide food for themselves. This is by ensuring that we share what we have with others rather than exposing when there is plenty.  Innovation may also be necessary for fighting hunger. This may be achieved by coming up with projects that will ensure there is the provision of food in areas where there is a water shortage or those areas which are being affected by drought, by creating irrigation schemes just to ensure that there is enough food provided in such areas.  Through education, people in the society will be able to learn the effects of cutting trees, which will later lead to drought. They will understand the importance of taking care of the environment just to ensure that all the possibilities of being affected by hunger are avoided.


There are various steps which may be taken just to ensure that we fight hunger and make Africa move forward. One of them is empowering women. If all women are responsible take care of each and help fight hunger, then there will be a significant decrease in the percentage of those who will be affected with desire, and the population will be manageable. Remember “TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER”

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